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Donate and save lives

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These donations are targeted for special purposes as you choose and direct.

Monetary Donations are CRUCIAL and LIFE SAVING!!!

We cannot do what we do without your support.

Donations are critical to us meeting our mission to help the animals that sadly and often have no one else but us.

Routine Vet Care

Shot, worming, and spay/neuter are essential for every animal that comes into our care.  Want to help by sponsoring that care, make a donation of $80 which is the average cost of such care.  Just earmark your donation for Routine Vet Care and we will make it happen with your help.


Medical Needs

Medical care, that is treatment for injuries, illness, testing blood work and sometimes vet stays while animals get special attention is way too frequently needed by the animals that come to our attention.  And of course, such care is very expensive.  Donations for Medical Needs can be the difference between life and death.  Consider a donation to our Medical Needs fund.  You can donate to a specific animal or simply earmark your donation for our fund and we will use your donation for the next animal that needs medical attention.

Sponsor an Adoption

Donors may choose to sponsor an animal in our shelter by helping to pay a portion or all of their adoption fee.  Donors can choose to fund all or part of the fee to encourage a pet's adoption and/or draw attention to them in the shelter. Our adoption fee is $125 for dogs and $70 for cats.  When you donate, simply note that you'd like to sponsor an adoption fee and specify the animal you would like to help.  


We always need food, cleaning supplies and other items for the daily care of our animals.  


If you don't live near our area and want to donate a supply item, the easiest way to donate to us is either thru our Wish List at Amazon or you can send us supplies via Chewy.


Often needed items include:

  • Purina One puppy and dog food
  • Purina kitten and cat chow
  • Canned dog food - Alpo and Pedigree Choice cuts preferred
  • Scoopable cat litter
  • Bleach
  • Mr. Clean
  • Paper towels
  • Clorox wipes
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