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On March 30, 2013 we rescued our first dog as husband and wife. She was a beautiful white pit bull mix and her name was Quincy Mae.  We looked at her profile picture on the Roane County Animal Shelter's site for three weeks before we went to meet her but it didn't take us three weeks to realize she was meant for us.  It was love at first site.

Quincy brought such happiness to a very quiet house.  She was a total love bug who didn’t know the meaning of personal space.  But of course, I haven’t met a pit bull who does understand the meaning of personal space.  This may have been part of what led us to decide that she needed a companion to keep her entertained while we were at work. Which is when we learned about fostering.


Tracy and Quincy.jpg

Tracy with Chrissy (left) and Quincy (right)

We brought our very first foster dog, Chrissy home to keep Quincy company and apparently to teach us about what fostering really meant.  It was an amazing and heart wrenching experience. Chrissy was an amazing puppy, who went to her forever family two days before Christmas 2013 and I bawled like a big baby when she left us.  Even though she seemed not the least bit upset as she jumped in the transporter's truck like it was no big deal that she was leaving for rescue and her forever home.  But she was leaving me.


My heart was broken...for a while.  It helped then and still to this day that Chrissy’s adoptive mom, Kathleen, still sends me updates of Chrissy’s adventures living in Virginia.  Totally worth every tear I shed. 


But it was hard letting our first foster go and yet I sucked it up after a short time and went back to the Roane County Animal Shelter and got my second.  I was hooked.  And the rest is history. 


Quincy is the reason we do what we do today. We lost her on February 15, 2016 and it was the worst day of our lives.  There is nothing better than feeling the unconditional love of an animal.  Quincy helped us find our purpose in this world and I always say the Lord works in mysteries ways.  I believe He sent Quincy to help us help so many other animals. Her life was short but mighty. 


We too will be mighty like Quincy and in her memory work to rescue as many other animals as we possible.  



While our first priority is to help the homeless and unwanted animals in our own small community of Wirt County West Virginia, there are times that we are called beyond our county.  Even our state or our country.


On Liberty was found in Puerto Rico tied to a downed tree and left to starve to death. Fortunately, she was rescued by some Good Samaritans and her picture was sent to Shannon.  Of course he could not say 'no' to her so obvious need.  She finally made it to Virginia Beach after a short plane ride from Puerto Rico to Miami FL and a long van ride from Miami FL to Virginia Beach. 


Shannon drove 8+ hours to pick her up and bring her home. Shannon gained her trust and he fattened her up. Liberty was adopted by a wonderful family in Wirt County WV. Her name is Nahla now and she has two human siblings and two dog siblings and living a great life on a farm.


Liberty, when found and then after rescue and time with us.

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